Mission and Outreach 
SHRMP (South Hampton Roads Mission Project)
 June 13-20, 2020
Host Church: Indian River Baptist Church
For the first time ever Oaklette Church, instead of hosting a VBS, will be participating in SHRMP!! (South Hampton Roads Mission Project)
SHRMP, a full 7-day experience, focuses on transforming socially and economically disadvantaged  communities through the love and power of Jesus Christ. This experience prayerfully builds relationships in the South Norfolk and South Hampton Roads areas through various activities like Vacation Bible Schools and Sports/Reading Camps. With your help, alongside other supporting churches and organizations, we seek to impact even more individuals' and families' lives. How can you help? Volunteer to work in the kitchen or help with registration. Volunteer to lead a Bible Story, help with recreation, do crafts, read, lead worship, and/or be a crew leader. Volunteers will be needed for both the afternoon and evening sessions. Fore more information on how you can volunteer please speak with Pat Cruz or call the church office. Registration forms must be submitted by May 1st. The only expense to you will be the purchase of a SHRMP T-Shirt (that is, if you desire one). 
Breakfast Outside The Castle
On the second Friday of each month Oaklette is encouraging

you and your friends to gather for a 'social breakfast' at restaurants to be announced
 at 9:00 AM! This is an opportunity for the good folk of Oaklette to
"get outside of the castle" and into the neighborhood that we are a part of.
No reservations are necessary! Just show up and eat breakfast (or a snack).
Breakfast is on you. Debbie Rippard will be there to greet you at 9:00 AM.
Check with the Church Office, the Weekly Oakletter or the Newsletter for the location

We will be filling bags and boxes to provide over 14,000 meals for
 RISE AGAINST HUNGER on Saturday, September 28, 2019.

The Food Pantry is opened on Monday mornings from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon. It is limited for each household to no more than one time each month and no more than six times per year. It is limited to those who reside in the following zip codes: 23320, 23324, 23325, 23523 and 23464.
CAP (Community Assistance Program) TRANSITIONS
At the January 6, 2014 Church Council Meeting the council voted to change the definition of the Community Assistance Program (CAP Ministry) from assisting people with utility bills and rent to transition to providing interactive mission opportunities and other community endeavors. 
We are continually endeavoring to expand our Community Program that startd in 2014 to help us to become more Christ like by showing love to all people.These programs include: 1) a Community Dinner (one-time free meal targeted for the summer) for the neighborhood, including families we serve through the Food Pantry; 2) to increase the amount of free food we serve at Trunk-O-Treat (i.e.: hot dogs, hamburgers (not candy); and 3) Thanksgiving Food Baskets. The Saturday Night Family Movies (Back Yard Cinema) became a part of this program in 2015 and is beginning its fourth year and is being held year round. Through discussions durine the Strategic Planning Committee meeting, we will endeavor to start two more community outreach programs this summer. Information about these programs will be posted details have been determined.
NEST (Norfolk Emergency Shelter Team)
NEST (Norfolk Emergency Shelter Team) is a ministry to the homeless of Norfolk during the winter months, usually in January. Oaklette is one of the many churches that open their doors to provide this shelter. We feed these people breakfast and dinner and provide them with a bag of snacks for each day. We also provide a small kit of toiletry items and they sleep in the warmth of our Fellowship Hall. We give them the opportunity to play games, read books and magazines and converse with our volunteers. 
We hosted our 24th year of N.E.S.T the week of January 10th through January 18th, 2017. We were able to fill all of the slots for volunteers. The meals for each breakfast and dinner meal were prepared by volunteer circles, churches, U.S. Coast Guard and the Chesapeake Sheriff's Department. We appreciate all of the help that the program had and we are looking forward to our 25th year in 2018.
Foreign Missions
Oaklette United Methodist Church financially supports, through the United Methodist Church General Board of Global Ministries, Clara Mridula Biswas in her work as a missionary in Cambodia.

Other Mission Opportunities:
The following are other mission opportunities that our church also supports:

Community Mission Opportunities:

The following are other groups that use our church facilities for their programs;