About Us
If the remaining oak trees on our church property could speak, they would have a treasure to share about Oaklette United Methodist Church. . . . . . . .

"For all these many years, we have seen the grace of God, the strength of God, the love of God, and the comfort of God in the lives of our people. We have seen people transformed by the Word of God as they endeavored to live as our Lord ordained; we have seen them molded and changed into images of our Lord and Savior, establishing goals and priorities pleasing to Him."

"We have seen weddings, joining young men and women in the name of the Father, giving them the encouragement and guidance needed to begin a home in which to start a family, a home in which the closer they grow to Him, the closer they grow together, a home in which children see and respect the obedience to Him as role model for their own lives."

"We have grieved with the bereaved and offered our hearts to them in encouragement and comfort."

"We have sent people from Oaklette to offer service and God's love to those in foreign mission as well as in our own country. Being in mission entails offering physical and financial support as well as spiritual support."

"We have given solace and comfort to the homeless and to the hungry within our own boundaries."

"We have heard the hallways ring with laughter and fellowship. We have heard praise and worship in our music. We have seen people studying God's Word on Sunday mornings and during the week."

"We have seen community events taking place within the church building and see some of the participants returning to see why they feel at peace within these walls."

"We have enjoyed watching children at play in our yard, knowing they feel safe here even though they may not understand why."

"We have rejoiced in youth and children in their groups, meeting on a regular basis, learning and having fun."

"We have had ministers over these many years who lovingly shepherd us, teach us, counsel us, and give us a nudge when we need it."

"We praise God. He has given us people of all ages, from the cradle to the older, forever young, to keep Oaklette going and growing."

"The oak tree represents strength; its acorns represent continuing life. What a fitting symbol for Oaklette United Methodist Church, strength and life in this community through the strength and life of God."
The History of Oaklette United Methodist Church